An attempt to make myself believe that everything is going to be okay.

Dear Past Self: Thank you for this. This is what I needed to see and believe in.

Somnolent Soul

You know what, you can do it.

You may not do it now, but you’ll be able to do it eventually.

You can beat depression, with your own ways.

You can beat depression, in your own time.

You can beat depression, with or without others.

But you can never beat it without your heart and mind, and your whole being, invested in this battle.

You have to fight with what you have to win all that is rightfully yours: your life.

Kill (depression) or be killed. Beat it or be beaten up (does this mantra even work?)


Don’t be afraid of relapses. Well okay, maybe it’s okay to be scared.. But the thing is, they’re relapses. You’re having relapses because you’re going up. And that’s the important part: the going up part. It means your going somewhere (good). You can’t experience a bump in the road if you’re not…

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