Can’t Keep Up

I call it progress,

they call it failure;

failure to pass

what’s due

on time

I call it baby steps,

They call it a waste

of their time, not mine;

so could I please

hurry the hell up

I call it my best,

they call it mediocrity;

a below average

attempt at surviving

so why do I even try

I call it getting by,

they call it giving up

without seeing things

from where I stand

so I guess

I really cannot keep up

at all.




5 thoughts on “Can’t Keep Up

  1. Give them a kick in the … youknowwhere. You are strong and you are getting out! These things take time, the wounds cut deep. And all those folks who are constantly jabbering it’s not enough … They should walk a mile in your shoes before making jugdement.

    (I know that stuff like this is hard to stomach, though. I’ve heard it all as well, and it hurts so much when you see that you’re doing better and it isn’t appreciated or even noticed. This is the way out. You WILL definitely make it. I think of you every day and send you good wishes so that you can deal with school and everything.)


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