A Sense of Purpose, Perhaps?

I’m in the mood to write. Haha. Not that I’m feeling better (or maybe I am) now, but I guess writing what I’m currently feeling wouldn’t hurt.

Nevermind the fact that I have tons of paperwork needing to be done, currently piled up on my bed.


School started sooner than I would have liked. But I never wanted to go to school in the first place, so there’s that.

I’m still wide awake, even though it’s already half past two in the morning where I’m at. Like I said, I still have a lot of technical writing to do, and planning; and here I am just writing about it.

I feel quite glad that for once, I’m doing something productive. Okay, I have yet to be really productive, but at least for now I’m doing something important; for the others, that is.

Not that schooling is not important for me. It’s just that, if I were to study, I would pick a subject better suited for me.

But regret won’t get me anywhere now, would it?

I just hope that whatever it is I’m feeling right now, this quite good feeling, would last enough for me to survive this internship.

I’ll have to do my best until, probably, February of next year. I hope I graduate this academic year.

Oh well. I better get back to what I need to be doing.




7 thoughts on “A Sense of Purpose, Perhaps?

  1. I will keep my thumbs pressed for you and cheer you on if necessary! Out of pure curiousity: What kind of subject would you have picked if you had had a choice?

    • And mine for you as well! 🙂
      I’m still as indecisive as ever, but I guess I would have picked psychology. Or music. Or maybe even photography, if there’s one that focuses on film and not digital. Haha.

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