How to fall back on square one in just five days: a guide by me and my demon

I want to be alone right now. And yes, for the past five days I’ve been alone for most of the time. But, hell. It was not the kind of alone time I was hoping for. I have done nothing but waste my time and life (or my lack thereof) away. I binged on watching […]

How time flies and minds change

Okay. Am I really supposed to change my mind this fast? One moment I badly want things to end already; then another all I can see are rainbows and unicorns. This is confusing and… confusing. I don’t know where and when to settle. I thought this was better, than those moments when I couldn’t see […]

What Tomorrow Brings – I May Not Find Out

This week had its ups and downs. And I know I’m being unfair to myself, but right now all I could feel, all I could think of and remember, are my failures. I managed to fuck up my schooling yet again by being late this Wednesday (which I kind of did on purpose. I intended […]