Treasure Map

I wish life                                                                                             had some sort of

a map                                                                                        so that we wouldn’t

get lost trying                                                                               to find our way

through it                                                                     There’d be shortcuts

and roads that                                                                           are way

too long but it                                                       wouldn’t matter

because time is                                                      relative

And then there’d be places         where in we’d stop

for a while           maybe for a month or a year

or two but      we’d continue on

on our journey                    in finding the

treasure But                              you don’t know

how where and when                                      you’d finish

with your journey                                           and what even the

prize is at the end of it                                                    until you realize

and smile to yourself                                                    because now you get

why the whole map                                                             of the town was painted

red and was shaped                                                                                     like an X-mark


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