I whispered my worries away

Into a wand soaked in soap

And away the bubbles flew

Into the abyss of my ceiling

And as I burst two of the liquid tablets

To see the answers to my questions

I saw nothing

So I popped six again

But still

Nothing came to me!

So I let the rest dry on their own

Hoping that whatever remains of them

Would carry me through an adventure

I’ve been in before

But could never be reached now

And if they don’t

There is still the bottle

Of slippery wonder

To blow my hopes and dreams away.




One thought on “Soaped

  1. Hey,

    I have wanted to write for weeks, but the last month has been insanely full … There was so much that had to be done and I am not yet finished.
    Sending good thoughts your way! I think about you every day and hope that you are well. I’ll write as soon as I can – maybe I’ll find time this week as I am off work until the 17th.

    I wish you a good night, healthy sleep and quiet, pleasant dreams. I wish you hope and luck and all the best! take care.

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