A camera and a pocket hole

Ignore me.

I’m torn between buying a film camera and buying a digital camera.

On one hand, I want to buy a Nikon FG-20. Not really a fancy camera, but I want to have one because of its size and manual control + aperture priority setting. I have a Nikon EM, about the same size as the former, but it doesn’t have a manual exposure setting. I don’t really care about other features those pro and semi-pro cameras offer (e.g. FM2, F3). I just want my next camera purchase to be small in size and has manual and aperture-priority settings. I found one for sale on a local online buy-and-sell site, for 4000PhP + shipping fee (around 96USD in total).


On the other hand, I want to buy a Pentax Q10 camera. I actually came upon it once while I was at the streets (actually just one street known as a photographer’s haven) looking for a Nikon FG-20. This Pentax Q10 is by no means a good digital camera, at least in my opinion (and the other camera’s reviewers’ opinion). I just like it because it’s very very small compared to other interchangeable lens cameras. It’s sensor size is really small compared to other bridge cameras. Even some compact p&s cameras have bigger sensors than this one (that is, if I’m not mistaken). It has manual exposure control, so that’s a plus. However, its bulb setting fires the shutter off for only 30-32 seconds, which sucks because I wanted to use a digital camera for astrophotography, specifically for capturing star trails. Another thing on the cons list would be the fact that it has no optical nor an electronic viewfinder. A viewfinder is available as an accessory, but it would cost me an arm and a leg (and an eye, probably). ISO noise is fairly low. It also only has a very limited array of lenses, and a costly lens adapter. A brand new Pentax Q10 kit (with one lens) on the market costs about 14,000PhP (around 333USD). A second-hand one costs around 11,000-12,000 (279USD). HOWEVER I found a second-hand one online for sale at 8,000PhP (186USD).Β 

Now with the pros and cons mentioned, I think it’s only logical for me to buy the Nikon FG-20. Or why not buy both? But then, my money’s just enough to buy one.

Rest assured, I’d buy both cameras. I just have to choose which one to buy first.

To be honest, I only want to buy the Pentax Q10 because I saw one that I could buy for about half its original price. I wouldn’t have considered it if I hadn’t come across that particular ad. Also, it’s digital. Yes, I’m all for film cameras. But I already have six film cameras. I want to have a digital camera of my own. And an interchangeable lens camera at that. Also, I think it would be good as a travel camera.

Even if I prefer to buy the Nikon camera more, I’m leaning into buying the Pentax FIRST. It’s rare to come across one for sale for such a low price, and I’m afraid that if I don’t buy it now, someone else might buy it and I would be forced to buy a more expensive digital camera, not necessarily the Pentax Q10.

Even if someone else buys the Nikon FG-20 I found for sale online, I know that I would still come across another unit for sale for more or less the same price.

I really just have to give the Pentax Q10 the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, it could offer me more than what I’m looking for.





9 thoughts on “A camera and a pocket hole

  1. Good luck on deciding! I don’t know much about cameras or filming, but I think it’s a fascinating hobby!

    Is there a camera shop in your area where you could ask one of the shop assistance for advice? About what to buy first, maybe?

    Looking forward to hear about your decision! πŸ™‚

    • I guess I could say that I love cameras the same way and/or level you love knitting. Haha. I do actually always imagine you sitting with a ball (or two) of yarn, with needles(?) on your hands.

      It’s a fascinating hobby as much as knitting is! I still wish I could learn about knitting. If I remember correctly it’s even on my bucketlist. It’s just sad I have a lot on my plate right now.

      I’m relying on online reviews for now, because I’m not really good with talking to people face-to-face. But I think I’m going to buy the digital one first. πŸ™‚

      • you imagination is correct, mostly. πŸ˜‰ BUt I also love to read and I am working on my dissertation – today I had a talk with my professor about my expose and she ripped it apart almost completely. I was a bit downcast, but it’s a good thing, really. Usually I let things go when I didn’t get them right the first time (I did that lots of times with stories) and now this teaches me to get back to it again and again and improve. Hard work, but definitely worth it!

        You’ll find time for knitting once, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰ crocheting is also very nice! If you want to, google Attic24 – Lucy, the woman who writes that blog, LOVES crocheting (she’s a mum of three kids and lives in England) and she does beautiful stuff. I find her positivity very calming and her happiness has cheered me up very often.

        Right now, Im knitting socks, by the way … in a lot of pink, which usually isn’t my style. but there will be enough yarn left to make a pair of socks for my niece – and she LOVES pink. πŸ˜‰

      • Sure you may! I’m writing about church history … About the relationship between Lutherans (or rather: one Lutheran reformer) and his anti-anabaptistic writings. I have already written my master thesis about that topic and it’s simply awesome, I love it. Writing the dissertation (or rather, the expose) is really hard work right now (plus the move next week), but I am so happy that I can do that because I’ve always wanted to.

        I hope my niece likes her pair of socks! She’ll be six next year and I guess there’ll be a time when handknit items are not cool enough any more. πŸ˜‰ But we’ll see …

      • hey Julia! πŸ™‚ I’m sorry for going back to you so late. I’m okay as I can be. How are you?
        I sure would like to read about your study some day, if you’ll let me. πŸ™‚
        Hehe, well, things that aren’t cool are cooler than cool. πŸ˜‰

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