When Nothing is Happening

I am back. Kind of.

I  just want to let people know that I’m still existing.

I haven’t written much in a while because I don’t feel like writing anything.

It’s not like there’s so much happening in my life; it’s quite the opposite, actually. But I guess, I could list the highlights of my week(s) so far.


1. I am on the start of my third week taking medication.

2. Taking Tramadol HCl along with Sertraline is never a good idea. But I do it anyway.

3. Today, August 28, I saw my psych.

4. I’m sleeping better now. Good news for my health, bad news for my writing schedule.

5. I’ve put a stop to all my academic activities. A big hurdle I have yet to face. I just wish I had better management skills.

6. I think I broke (just now) one of my  film cameras, which makes me really sad and angry right now.

7. I’m still having suicidal thoughts. What’s new?


Looking at it now, maybe I really did have things to write about. I don’t feel that motivated to write about them, though. I’m getting a sense of redundancy with these topics.





3 thoughts on “When Nothing is Happening

  1. Welcome kind of back. 🙂 You are missed – but sometimes it is good to break. I took a break recently because I didn’t know what to say. Sigh…. I still don’t know what to say. Peace.

  2. I am SO GLAD that you’re back! I was starting to feel a bit worried, to be honest.

    It’s good to hear that you can sleep better now – this is so important!
    Do yourself something good. Drink a bit of hot chocolate. Buy flowers. Take a bath. Crochet! 😉

    I still pray for you every night and I know I repeat myself, but you are very, very strong. Don’t obsess about your job or the academics, you can pick that up when the time is right. You are taking care of youself now and that’s important.

    I send lots and lots of love to you! I wish you a peaceful weekend and lots of good dreams.

    Oh, one more thing – fruit and vegetables also help! Vitamins are always important for the body of course, but I found that eating healthy also adds the benefit of “knowing” you’re doing your body something good.

    And no pressure. If you don’t feel like writing now, you don’t have to. Sure you don’t.

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