Come On In, Bring It On

When the sun comes down

And darkness blankets the land

In fear I try my best to stay awake

As the dark does not spare my mind


A cruel thought, a grueling duel

Between my mind and this thing

Like a smoke that takes away my air

Scissors that cuts my wings


I wait on my table, staring ahead

Feeling my sanity slipping away

I sing softly my goodbye, wishing

it well with nothing to say


A sardonicsmile on  my lips

But not a tear on my eyes

A sarcastic laugh echoes in my ears

along with filthy believeable lies


A black sword stabs my heart

as it sucks all the hope I have

it moves a little, then cuts me through

breaks me into two perfect halves


I stare at the ceiling, not a thing in my brain

and wait by the window for the sun

I do nothing but endure the pain

until these visiting dark thoughts leave me alone.





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