Sleepless Nights and Wasted Days

How long must you keep on running away from me

Only to come back when I’m too tired to look up and see

The skies turning blue while the sun starts to shine

And the moon retiring to its home tired of listening to my whine


I want the moon to watch over me when I sleep

Not to listen to my quiet voice and hear me weep

I can’t be a burden, not even to this moon

So as the sky turns dark come to me soon


I long to be awake and live during the day

Not just sleep through it wasting the sun away

I  yearn to hear the noisy world and blind myself with light

So when you take me away, I wsh you’d do it in the night


You are hard to take a hold of, you are one elusive butterfly

I tried so hard take you with me as the dark swallows the sky

Take me in your peaceful hands, sing me a soft lullaby

You, Sleep, is what I need in the night for me to get by





[I have not been able to sleep during the night for months now. It’s as if my mind waits for the sun to come up before it deems it ‘safe’ for me to let down my guard and sleep. Having Enough of this Life-sucking Problem.]


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