Here we go again with this topic.

I badly want to go to a mental health professional and seek help (tomorrow) already.

But my mind says I don’t need it at all. 

It tells me to just suck it up and get on with my life. Who needs therapy when you can think your way out of depression?

The problem is that I can’t just “suck it up”, “get on with it”, and  just “think my way out of my depression.”

I would if I could, and so would the others who are suffering the same way as I am.


I’m all for recovery. I think I’m ready to admit to myself that yes, indeed, I do need professional help.

But half of me wants to just lie in bed, not even bother go talk to someone, and think of ways on how I’d get out of this nasty situation. All by myself.


Should I beg my mind to just shut up, and try seeking external help for once?


13 thoughts on “Here we go again with this topic.

  1. Go find help. The worst it can do is ‘not help.’ But if you feel you need it, even to the point of thinking you might need it, then go for it! You’ll feel better for at least trying. And, hey! You could learn something very interesting. I’ve found the best things in my life by trying new stuff.

    • That is very true.
      But right now I want to do nothing but cry, and I don’t even know why.
      I mean, I do plan on going tomorrow, but I know deep inside that this would just be another one of those days where I chickened out.
      So, I really don’t know what awaits me tomorrow.

      Thank you though for this 🙂

  2. You should get some help. Sometimes our minds try to trick us that “it’s not so bad”. Maybe it isn’t but just in case it’s worth to try to get help when we are moderately able to get out of bed. Plus: why to take a hard path? What’s the benefit from that? Isn’t it already hard?

    Sometimes I remember all these times when I was struggling daily with life until it become unbearable and led me to disaster. Or when I was sitting at the bathroom floor alone with horrible thoughts and didn’t call anybody – maybe not even for help exacly, but at least to be like “hi, can I borrow from you a book that I don’t need and talk about weather”? It would lift me up a bit – but no, I was stubbornly giving up. It was unnecessary and I regret it now.

    Get help if you feel like you need it, what do you have to loose?

  3. I’ve been following your blog for a while – please go and start the process. It takes time but at least you’ll be moving forward towards something than treading the dangerous waters of mental illness – getting exhausted and more exhausted… it’s time to swim to the shore and find what will ground you. You can do it. Like Kitt said – it’s TRULY trial and error – but even a therapist can help put the pieces of the puzzle together and help you figure out some coping skills that work for you. You won’t regret trying!

      • I understand how difficult it might be. I keep hoping that things will simply get better on their own, but they rarely do. But seeking help is a little like handing over control to someone else. Once they start suggesting changes, it becomes one more thing that drives the unhappiness – and possibly another regret for you. i.e. ‘Why did I do this to myself?’ But others can offer a different, fresher perspective on the world. Those endless dark clouds can suddenly become apparent as mere curtains when another sweeps them open.

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