What the 2 cups of coffee gave me

Barely six hours ago, I was already contemplating on how to say goodbye to this world.

Now, I’m in a bed (not my bed because my room needs cleaning), still blogging, drinking coffee, and being hopeful about life.

Well, not in all aspects of my life.

I still hate the idea of going back to school. I don’t think I’d ever get over my feelings of hostility towards it.

But enough talk about it for now.


I’m not exactly happy right now, but at least I’ve calmed down.


You know, maybe it would be a good idea to take my film camera and walk around the neighborhood.

And then feed our dogs

And of course, our cat

And then clean my room

And sleep (because I didn’t last night, I guess I was too busy thinking about how worthless I am)


And then, I don’t know. Maybe live some more.





6 thoughts on “What the 2 cups of coffee gave me

  1. I love this because I totally identify with it. Sometimes, just doing small tasks you’ve been meaning to do and accomplishing something minute just makes you feel so much better- and of course, coffee fixes everything. I love your entries!

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