Some things I really want to do right now.

1. Go to a far away place where no one knows me

2. Go home and lock myself up in my room and:

  • Just lie in bed
  • Wear a sweater even though it’s hot (because I really like sweaters)
  • Wear socks
  • Wear a beanie
  • listen to loud music

3. Write a novel

4. Get drunk. Alone.

5. Watch a movie

6. Not talk to anyone

7. Talk to someone. Not just someone, actually, but I don’t have that one person yet

8. Walk through a forest

9. Be near the ocean

10. Pills pills pills

11. Be underwater

12. Sleep

13. And never wake up

14. Do anything, really, that would take my attention away from my thoughts of giving up life


Yep. I should just go home right now.





10 thoughts on “Some things I really want to do right now.

  1. Hey there Somnolent Potato….

    Your list…no matter how soul-crushing it is and painful it is, I understand it, oh so well.

    If I would write a list, this would be it.

    Stay strong.


  2. I live near the ocean and not far from Redwood forests. I should walk on the beach more and spend more time in the Redwoods. Thanks for reminding me.

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