Afraid of August

August is coming near
And I can’t think of anything but
Just ending it all
before August ends me.

While everybody looks
forward to its coming
I’m here sweating
and being anxious and afraid
of what it would bring me.

If you must know,
I’m going to have to face
My fears: school and life in general
But I’d rather turn my back on it.

It’s still July I know
but all I can think about
Is how I’ll make sure
I don’t make it to August.

It’s all I think about
Thoughts of my life ending
I couldn’t even make
A well-written poem
But who cares?
July is fast coming
to an end and so am I.


7 thoughts on “Afraid of August

  1. Troubling feelings indeed. For what it’s worth I have never found turning away from the fear to be a solution. I hope you find ways to face and get through the fears.
    In regards to how “well written” the poem is, sometimes that doesn’t matter – if you have put out your whole energy and truth into the words, it shows.

  2. I know we’re thinking about two different things, but I feel the same way about August coming. I hope you’re still here. It would be a shame to lose such a talented young lady. I’ve lost the love of my life in a way that’s unforgettable. Please continue to ravish us with your blogs. I look forward to following you. Cica

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