home at last

Finally, after 6 days of vacation, we’re home again. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, even though I felt very anxious practically the whole time because I was at an unfamiliar place. Some of the people I’ve interacted with during our stay at my mother’s hometown were nice, though, so that definitely helped.


So my 6-day break went like this:

A day of visiting my mother’s family home (and touring around some places) and meeting some relatives and other people

A day at the beach with the relatives and some people I don’t know

A day of sight seeing on the way home

Three days of staying at a relative’s house doing absolutely nothing.

And six days of unnecessary worrying about some things I can’t control (a.k.a. my anxiety tagging along on our vacation)



I consumed about 1 1/3 rolls of film, so I’m excited about how the pictures would turn out.

I shot around 200 pictures using a digital point-and-shoot camera (and while it has manual mode, I haven’t used it much because people were telling me to hurry up.) but they’re mediocre. 

I learned how to make those lame loom bands! I also learned that they’re not lame. Somewhat. So that’s a new thing I learned this June.

I talked to some people, primarily our relatives.

I learned to enjoy nature more. And somewhat thank God (if He exists) for it.


That’s about it, I guess. I may not have learned that much about myself and my existence, but what I have learned about the world around me pretty much makes up for it.





2 thoughts on “home at last

  1. If you have Netflix and aren’t easily offended by nudity, language or general obscene and ridiculous things… I recommend watching “An Idiot Abroad” – it makes me feel better about my moodiness when it comes to traveling because while I love to travel and explore – I also hate it. Plus… it’s just a fun show. BTW Read your post on comments so fyi – no need to comment – but if you watch it – lemme know what you think! (Season 1 is the Seven Wonders of the World and Season 2 is “Things To Do Before You Die”) 🙂

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