My anxiety tagged along on our trip.

My family and I have been staying at a relative’s house for three days now. Well guess what; I’ve also been anxious on those three days.

For three days now I’ve done nothing but sit on our relative’s couch stiffly and nod dumbly at whatever they say and tell me to do. My bottoms could only take so much sitting around in a day.

It’s a good thing I’m with my mother and my two sisters. Or maybe it’s not, seeing as my two siblings seem to also behave shyly (or maybe they too are too anxious?). I feel like I’m in an uncomfortable position right now, and I certainly don’t want them to feel the same.

But really, their presence alleviates some of the anxiety I feel. So I thank them for that.

This is not news to me anymore. I’m used to it. But is it still a big deal for me? Yes. Am I tired of feeling and being this way every time I’m at another’s house (or any place I’m not comfortable being at)? Hell yes.

But am I doing something about it? Well, sadly, no. I unfortunately don’t know how to deal with this.

We’re set to leave for home tomorrow, and I don’t know if I’m going to be sad because this vacation trip is so short; or be glad that I’d finally be able to be comfortable again, hiding away in my safe haven I call my room.





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