too many thoughts on a riot

Chaos in my head, my mind is everywhere

with all this mess, I’m getting nowhere

they come at me at a rapid rate

all at the same time, they just couldn’t wait


Ideas fighting for my attention

not caring about the building tension

I want to bang my head against a wall

and never think of a single thing at all


I yell at them, shutting them up

form them in a line while I set up

to hear their heeds, one by one

and to finally get things done.


one wants to build a blanket fort

while another one wants to do a sport

One wants to write, the other wants to sleep

another one wants to read, while another wants to weep!


I couldn’t do all these in a day

“you have to wait”, to them I say

some of them protest, while the others cry

I try to tune them out and do nothing but sigh


“Do what you need to do,” they say to me

“get us done, and we’ll leave you be”

“you can’t run, and you can’t hide

you can’t tune us out, even if you tried!”


I looked around while away they babble

and saw a pen and a paper, sitting on my table

I grab the materials, with determination in my eyes

hoping we could agree on a compromise


“how about this,” I show them the paper

“I write you down, so I would remember?”

“That way you can wait for your turn in silence

while I do my business without much disturbance.”


They talk among themselves for a while

then they nod their (imaginary) heads in approval

I shake hands with them, our meeting adjourned

I smile at them and see my smile returned.


so I start to write them down, one by one

glad I’ve finally got a thing done

I tick off an item in the paper, written in red:

“organize the thoughts in your head.”




[writing helps sometimes, folks]




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