Stupid Decisions.

I do stupid things intentionally sometimes. What I did tonight is one of those moments where  I question whether I’m really stupid or just adventurous. But I know that what I did just minutes ago definitely wouldn’t do me any good, but would instead put me in danger’s hands.

Maybe I’m just being too stupid, fooling myself into thinking that doing stupid things makes me an adventurous person.

But oh well. The pills already had dropped.

The only thing I can do now is wait for these pills to take me away. And probably think about my stupid decisions, while I’m at it.




3 thoughts on “Stupid Decisions.

  1. I’m not sure what you did, or even if you want to explain, but there is a difference between doing stupid things and being adventurous. I’m plenty adventurous, do crazy things all the time, let’s me know I’m still alive and have a reason to be. Please don’t do stupid things.

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