Happy Thoughts

Think of the mighty birds

flying high up in the sky

think first of them singing you songs

when you’re about to cry


Think of your pet dog

sleeping soundly on your lap

think first of it sticking by your side

when you’re about to snap


Think of the songs on the radio

the ones that gave you hope

think first of them igniting you once more

when you think you’ll not be able to cope


think of that random person

smiling as bright as the sun

think first of them ready to help you

when you’re about to get that gun


But mostly think of yourself

and your bright future ahead

think first of what you could be doing

when you’re free, alive, and very much not dead


Think of happy, hopeful thoughts

whenever you’re in a bad place

it might be hard but it’s a step forward

that could lead you outside that maze


[because I hate myself right now and I badly need a distraction (or a much needed sleep)]

– CL



2 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts

  1. This is great! I would add that sometimes it is good to focus forwards on the brightness and sometimes it is good to focus now on the darkness and find your way through it. the choice depends on what you feel you need.

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