So I did a thing.


I’ve seen flash drives in the shape of a camera, but they’re too small for my liking. I’ve seen one  that looks like a Canon 5D Mark II. It was awesome. I like its size (quite big for a flash drive, but I don’t really care), and I like how the details closely resemble the real camera.

But I don’t want to pay that much money for a flash drive. I can’t, because I don’t have money.

So, I made one.

I made this one out of cardboard. It took me three days to make it because I always ran out of materials, like glue and paint.

Since I don’t want it to be a light weight (don’t ask me why.), I filled the body with stacked cardboard instead of making it hollow. Then I made space for an SD card on a card reader. I wanted to have a storage device that connects to a computer via cable, like an external hard drive (you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just buy an external hard drive. Well, I don’t have money for it. Besides, I haven’t seen one that fits the size that I needed for this project).

I’ve also put another flash drive on the film winder part of the camera.


I made the lens out of a toothpick canister, the screw-type lid as the mount and the canister itself as the lens. Since it”s hollow, I decided it’s where I would keep the cable for the SD card. The end of the lens was made of cardboard.

Painting the camera was the hardest part, since I’m not really that good with painting.


I bought silver spray paint (the cheapest I could find; less than $3). I got the black spray paint from my father’s stash of paints.

At first I didn’t get the result that I was looking for. The paint was not even. My fingerprints kept on making its way on the silver painted lens.

Since we don’t have clear acrylic/polyurethane paint, I covered the already painted camera with clear wood varnish. Then I painted it again with the silver and black spray paints.

To reinforce the paint, I covered it yet again in varnish (layer of paint, varnish, paint, then varnish)

I covered the ‘glass’ of the lens with a dark blue nail polish, since I couldn’t find a glossy paint.

The end result was okay, I guess. It still looks like it’s made from cardboard, but I’m okay with it. There was some mark left by the tape I’ve put to cover the lens mount (while painting the body black), but I really couldn’t be bothered by it. It would add character to the camera. That, and its cardboard look. It fits on the palm of my hand (with my fingers stretched out. Heh.).

It’s funny, really. I was able to make a camera-shaped storage device using cheap materials and trash (because really, who would keep an empty toothpick canister?). I also learned that nail polish aren’t only for fingernails and toenails.





6 thoughts on “So I did a thing.

      • Feeling better today thanks. Yesterday I had a difficult meeting at work which left me feeling undermined, picked on and wondering what’s the point anyway. Luckily when I got back to my office my colleagues let me rant and they were sympathetic and then we laughed our way out of it. Today I had a meeting where it couldn’t have been more different. I felt listened to and valued. I really needed that boost.

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