Life is giving me more lemons than I can make into lemonades.

I realized that I’d never find my happiness if that happiness consists of a life without challenges and problems.

But come on, there ought to be a better situation than the one I’m in right now.

I understand that a life without challenges is not a life at all. But a life with nothing but problems? Not a life either.

I want to be somewhere in between, because that’s the right way to live life, at least for me.

I do understand that I’m the one in control of my life. But then again, there really are some things you can’t control.

You can’t control some things. You might not control the way you react to it. But you can control the way you respond to it.

At least, that’s what I’ve learned.

I know it’s hard to do things. Every little thing seems like such a big task to do. It’s hard to do things even when you know that you need to do it, regardless of whether it’s going to make you happy or not.

It’s how depression works, I’ve learned. It makes you react to things negatively, often making us blind to the reality that despite our negative perception on things, we could still respond to it in a positive way. We end up responding negatively (much like how we reacted to it), or we don’t respond at all. Depression paralyzes you.

So my point is this: Life gives you lemons; you can throw it out and ignore it (often not getting anything and anywhere), or you can squeeze the juice into your eyes and cry in the corner (which I’m mostly doing aside from the first option), or you can make lemonades out of it (or so others say).

My other point is this: You are not always in control of your life (as opposed to what others say). But the thing is, you can control how you respond to things beyond your control. You have the power to make even the worst lemons into best-tasting lemonades.

And I’d definitely like to have some lemonades.





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