Half a Day Wasted Away

I have messed up my body clock. I now normally sleep at around two or three in the morning, and wake up in the afternoon.

Not for today; Saturday.

I wasn’t able to sleep because I was so busy freaking out over things that was highly unlikely to have happened. I needed to get up at 4:30 am today, and I was up before then. I didn’t let sleep take over me.

I had my blood checked today. Our family doctor requested for one to be done, due to dizzy spells and headaches (I suspect migraine) I’ve been having recently.

I was actually nervous mainly because I have been taking drugs that I shouldn’t take. It’s not that of a dangerous drug. It’s not even a prescription medicine (although it is, in some countries, e.g. US). I stopped taking them when the dizzy spells began, so the last time I took one would have been two weeks ago. Still, I was (and still am) afraid they might find traces of it in my blood.

Oh well. If ever they find out about it, I’d just tell them I’m taking them because of severe headaches.

In case anyone is wondering, it’s Tramadol Hydrochloride I was (and plan on continuing on) taking. A potent pain reliever.





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