This Should Be a Song, Not a Poem

I wanted to write a song for you

But I guess for now this would do

A poem written with you in mind

because you, you’re one of a kind


I would have described you in my song

but I know it would make it so long

a three minute tribute to your eyes

then another six minutes about your different smiles


Still, I couldn’t make a song for now

Still haven’t found that melody somehow

a perfect tune for a perfect lass

a sweet and happy sound, with a bit of sass


So until I find that perfect beat of the drum

Until I find the right tune, words, and rhythm

I’ll sing to you in the form of a poem

made with love and words that rhyme




[for no one in particular. I’m just being a sap, that’s all. Just you wait, my future lover. I’d drown you with my words and songs, even when they don’t rhyme, sometimes; and not that great.]





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