Freaking Out

It’s now two in the morning, and I feel like crying.

I think I just heard a gunshot. Then a sound of a speedy motorcycle.

My mind immediately went back to that killing incident (leaving five people dead) that happened not too long ago, near where I (along with my family) live. According to news reports, the murderers were already caught. But I fucking heard news about the caught suspects being just the fall guys, and that the real criminals were still on the loose.

News of violence like this isn’t new anymore. But for it to happen near where we reside? Goodness.

I’m freaking out right now. I can’t talk to anyone. It’s already two in the morning, for crying out loud!

Just… what. What is happening. What is happening to me.

There are visions of a person lying down a road, bloody and dead.

How do I turn off my mind at times like this? I didn’t ask for that vision. I didn’t ask for this fear and anxiety I’m feeling right now.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid. But why the heck am I being paranoid?

I hate this. Someone take away my visions, my fear and anxiety, my paranoia.




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