Hassie Pinhole

ImageImageImageI’ve always been interested in making things out of cardboard. 3D things. Boxes. Blocks. Combine it with my interest in photography, and I would have a pinhole camera.

So I did, make, a pinhole camera. The thing with pinhole cameras is that you wouldn’t quite know what the resulting photo is going to look like. Yes that’s mostly the case with film cameras, but with pinhole, I think, it’s on a whole new level. You could waste a roll of film (and money), or you could produce photographs so beautiful (or mind blowing, even) you could cry.

It would have been easy to make my own design for the camera, but as I searched for instructions on how to make one, I stumbled upon a Hassleblad pinhole camera made by Kelly*. I mean, come on, a Hasselblad camera! The camera which I don’t have the money and the talent (but mostly the money) to buy for. A DIY pinhole Hasselblad camera was all I could ever hoped for.

At first I couldn’t find the template for it, as it turned out the original maker took it out of her site (for understandable reasons). After months of searching, I had found a forum that gave a link to the template in pdf format.

I proceded with making the camera. It took me around 4 or 5 weeks to complete it (and I really blame depression for it.). I made a few modifications here and there, so when I saw it complete, albeit with a questionable functionality, I was beyond happy. I felt accomplished.

I have only used it once, and the results were, dissapointingly, quite… meh.

But I do understand that it’s a trial-and-error process, so I’m quite confident I’d be able to capture distinguishable photos with the camera soon.



[*-will edit this some time later to cite the maker of the template properly. The template for the pinhole camera I made is and will never be mine.] 


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