A Retrograde Life. Kind of.

I practically haven’t done anything since Wednesday. I was sick, and still am feeling sick.

Screw dizziness. Screw nausea.

I still haven’t gone to a doctor; not that I avoid a check-up, but I can’t even get up from the bed without seeing the room spin.

I see the world spinning. Hell, I still feel it, when I close my eyes.

My brother said it could be hypertension, whih is not really a surprise, considering my somewhat (occasionally) high blood pressure, and well, my unhealthy lifestyle.

But the thing is, I’m twenty years old, for crying out loud!

I think I’m too young to have that kind of illness. I haven’t even been in a relationship yet, but here I am already anxious of having an illness that has no cure (as of this writing, at least).

Yep, that sounds about right.

I think I’m experiencing life in a backwards motion (life crisis, serious illnesses, dark humour, and old wisdom, anyone?).


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