When All Else Fails, Write.

May12’2014 7:04pm

These past few days had not been different from all my other days, except for the fact that I somewhat gathered enough motivation and will to write; to fill this blog with my musings.

My mind has been the same chaotic room that it is. My thoughts are still all over the place. But my mind has been less of a jungle and more of a room (if you squint hard enough) ever since I managed to let some of my thoughts out and form them into written words.

And I actually enjoy it. Writing. It’s quite liberating. And for some reason I started to feel that even though I’m at war with my own mind, what with this depression I have and all, I can still have control over my thoughts.

I don’t know if this still makes sense, but by writing my thoughts down I feel like I’m putting them into cages, one thought at a time, put a label on each one, and then save them for further processing later on. It makes things clearer up in my head. It makes my room of a brain more organized, more peaceful.

So yes, I guess that’s one benefit of writing for you.


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