These Things Should Not Happen. At All.

May12’2014, 4:08pm

TW: Death

I know I should be sleeping by now, but I can’t help but be bothered (and deeply disturbed) by a recent conversation I just had with my mother.

She talked about the recent “killing spree” that happened near our home some days ago.

Apparently some guy(s) on a motorcycle randomly shot people that they passed by.

It happened at around 1 to 2 in the morning. 5 people were dead. All or almost all were shot in the head, some even received multiple shots. It was not a serial killing. The motive was not clear. It was so random.

As far as I know the killer(s) are still on the loose.

And it’s just… terrifying. Very disturbing. Horrifying. Scary. But above all, infuriating.


What kind of a person does that? I couldn’t (and will not ever be able to) understand them.

Why the fucking hell is there a need for them to kill? And do that to people who haven’t done them wrong, no less?

Just… why do they, the killers and these acts of violence, even exist?


asdfghjkl this is triggering me. I’m growing more and more anxious by the minute.


Screw them. To hell with them killer(s), whoever they are.


My mother knew one of the victims. Not personally, though. They’re sort of acquaintances. But still.

She too, was bothered by it. It had her worrying about us, her kids (especially me and my brother with our habit of going home late).

“Kung sa inyo nangyari ‘yun, ‘di ko alam, masisiraan ako ng ulo.” [if that were to happen to you (us kids),  I don’t know, I’d lose my mind] She said.


I really hate violence. And death of innocent people.

Death is scary sometimes; He’s not really known for choosing well his victims.


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