On a Neutral Land


It’s been a while since I last vented out my rants in written form.

But then again, I have nothing to rant about.

Yes, as surprising as it may seem, I am, not in a bad place right now.

I can even go far as to say I am quite happy.

Or not. Can’t say I’m happy, as I have long forgotten how happiness feels.

But I’m content. I guess it’s safe to say I’m on a neutral land. I’m not sad, nor happy. But it’s something, I guess.

I know this is not going to last. I know I’m going to revert back to my depressive state. I don’t think, I know. Because this is how it always goes. Put me in a less stressful situation and I become calm. Give me not-so-good event and I come crashing down in despair again.

It’s too much, to even think about what’s going to happen.

So for now, I guess, I’m going to have to be content on this neutral land.


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