Let It Go*

(*Many thanks to Disney’s Frozen for the title)

December last year I was able to watch Disney’s movie Frozen. It’s about a girl, Princess Anna, going up to the cold and lonely North Mountain in search of her sister, the newly ordained Queen of Arendelle, Elsa. Of course that’s not the whole story, and well, there are other web sites (there are, aside from Wikipedia) that offers the full synopsis of this movie.

Anyway. I was clearly enamored by this movie. I have to say this is my favorite one yet, at least the one made by Disney. Not to mention it has great songs that I am rocking out to.

But among all the movie’s wonderful songs, there’s this one I really like: Let It Go, sung by the character Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel. Can it get any more better than that?!)

The song for me talks about being free by embracing your true self, no matter how good or “bad” it is. Letting go of your fears (of being judged and discriminated for what and who you are, probably), not holding back. Not caring what others would say.

It speaks to me on so many levels. And in different aspects of my life.

I was actually happy for Elsa when she sang that song. I was happy because she was finally able to see herself as someone who’s able to be free, albeit a little alone. She embraced her “dark” (or so others perceive) side, while singing this song. Urgh. Okay I was really really really really happy for her. If I could hug her I would have done so.

And wow, almost three months had passed since I first saw the movie, but I still sing this song on every chance I get. I just can’t get it out of my head; the song, the other songs, Elsa’s aura when she was singing Let It Go, the other characters esp. Anna,the whole movie in general.

Another thing I love about this movie is the way they portrayed True Love. Normally True Love is understood to exist only between romantic couples. This movie, however, showed that sacrificing yourself for the sake of your sister (saving both of you in the process), is a form of love. True Love. I think this is the first time Disney did something like this, considering this is still a Disney Princess Movie. It’s a good move. A really good move for Disney.

So, yep. Yep yep yep yep I really just can’t help myself. 


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