Planning Backwards

It is kind of annoying; thinking about all of the plans I have made earlier this year. They were good plans, admittedly so, if not for the disappointing fact that they remained to just plans. My life could have been essentially better had I stuck with those plans.

Those plans only have one end goal: to be a better human being at the end of the year, if not good.

I remember one those plans I made in preparation for my internship year (this academic year was supposedly my last year in college. too bad even that goal was not realized.), is to write a fictional story depicting my supposedly interesting internship. My academic pursuit turned out interesting all right, but in a bad turn of things. Also I was and still am a lazy dick, so that book never materialized. So much for my creative vision.

One of the things I also promised myself was to be more organized, starting by planning ahead in whatever activity that I do. Turns out I found myself quite good at planning; it’s executing them that I greatly fail in.

So, be it as it was, I want to start something new (I suck at starting things over, as I always end up not finishing them. At all. Sigh.). And what good way to start things than to plan it ahead?

Or how about not plan at all, for a change?

I guess I’ll just see where I’d put myself into this time. This should be interesting.


4 thoughts on “Planning Backwards

  1. I read a good comment recently that I am working into my own life, to help get moving on whatever it is you want to achieve.
    The point is, if you at least put yourself in the physical space to do something then a good part of the battle is over, its so much easier to proceed. If you want to walk more for exercise, just get yourself out there and walk for a bit and chances are you will walk longer than expected. Anything is better than nothing. The same for writing. Put yourself in a place regularly and write. The more you write, the better you will become at it. So whatever your plans are, big or small, remember – just turn up.

    • Thank you! If you need anything I’ll just be here, so don’t hesitate to ask anything. Thanks again!

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