Am I or Am I Not?

“Are you okay?”

“How are you?”

These are just some of the things you’d usually hear when you’re around people who either cares about you, or are just curious, or just have those lines as automatic greetings to anyone they meet. But whichever the case, we still answer their inquiries. Either we answer them truthfully or we answer them with lies.

I guess it’s easier to lie to others about how we really feel. He have different reasons for doing that, I get it. We sometimes feel that they’re really just asking for the sake f it; or we don’t want them to know (maybe for fear of hurting them in the process); or we don’t want to verbalize the hurt you’re feeling.

But have we ever asked ourselves the same questions?

“Am I okay?”

“How am I feeling?”

Now, I don’t really know where I’m going with this blog post. I’m tired and sleepy. And sad.

Now, I don’t know. If we can’t be honest with other people, at least be honest with ourselves. Even if we don’t know yet the answer to those questions, then at least be honest and say, “I don’t know.”

And by doing so, I don’t know. We might feel a little bit better.

Just a little bit.


And no, I’m not okay.


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